What type of visa is allowed to enter Vietnam now?

Good morning.
We all expect that the border will be opening soon for everybody and that we can do visa run as before. However, this will not happen with the following reasons:
1. The ideal of TRAVEL BUBBLE shows that countries will consider this trend as it is safer for their countries and while still can promote the tourism industry. We will see which country Vietnam is going to open their border with first.
2. Right now people are investors, experts and skilled workers can come. It does not happen like “pack up and go”. You have to go through some steps. Right now you can go through only Hanoi or Saigon airport. You will then ask permission from these cities. You have to be put quarantined in government facilities or in hotels. You will pay for it. Of course you also have to show your test result certificate from your country.
If you are holding these visas or TRC now and wanting to come to Vietnam, put me an email for explanation.
Thank you and have a nice day.

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