Visa Update – March 11, 2020

Good morning, Hope you are doing great!
After all, what has to happen, happened. It is not because of hatred, but because of safety for you, me and our community. The government is doing their best. I would like to explain more on the situations regarding the visa.
Since yesterday, applications for visa for 8 countries which listed in earlier post were rejected. So how does it works for you if you have invitation letter, or you haven’t got the letter yet….?

1. If you have a visa letter, you can come in either on land border or via airport. Please notice that you got to prove that you are healthy and you haven’t gone through infected areas. So take caution to travel this time if not needed.

2. If you are citizens of those 8 countries and you haven’t got to visa letter yet, you can do VISA EXTENSION UP TO 3 MONTHS WITHOUT LEAVING THE COUNTRY. This will be applied to all cases. Some cases which was refused to do another extension can be considered. So please apply for extension today. All you do is drop your passport to my office at 14 Mac Cuu. I am more than willing to help. We can talk when we meet.

3. Other nationalizes, please process the visa letter as usual and do it as soon as you can if your visa expires in March or April. Lao Bao border run is the best option now.
Thank you and have a good day!

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