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Our main focus is helping you start a life in Vietnam. We specialize in helping expats easily and quickly attain visas (including extensions, exemptions and residency cards), work permits, driver’s licenses and real estate property.

The No. 1 Expat Service Provider in Central Vietnam

Though we’ve only been in business since 2016, we’ve quickly become the premiere provider of expat services in the central Vietnam region. Our reputation precedes itself, as we’re well-known and recommended by expats in the area for visa services and other offerings.


Traveling or moving to Vietnam? You’ll need a passport as well as a visa or authorized pre-approval to enter the country. Tourist visas are only good for up to 30 days, and extensions can be granted upon entry. Obtaining and extending visas can be confusing, and that’s where Lynn Visa enters the picture. Work with us, and we’ll make the process fast, easy and painless.

Types of visas

Tourist Visa

These are non-working visas that are required to enter the country. Tourist visas usually last for one to three months, though it is possible to obtain them for up to one year.

Business Visa

Doing business in Vietnam? Then you'll need a short-stay business visa, which is good for up to one year.

Spouse Visa

If you're not a Vietnamese citizen, yet have a Vietnamese spouse, you can obtain an exemption for up to five years.


Looking for an easy, fast way to reset your visa in Vietnam? Our visa run service travels just over the Laos border in spacious, comfortable and never overcrowded vans. Best of all, Lynn Visa will handle all of the paperwork for you at the immigration center so that all you have to do is sit back and relax while we work our magic.


"Another well organised great day from Lynn. Took enough vans so everyone was comfortable. Breakfast snack and coffee. Snacks and water in the bus Awesome service. Highly recommend Lynn and her service"

Andrew Green


Obtaining a driver’s license in Vietnam likely doesn’t follow the same process that it did in your native country. And being that a license is critical to getting around the country, it’s often essential to attain after arriving in the country. Lynn Visa will help you with that too, so you’re not limited to public transportation deciding where you can and cannot go.


"Recieved my A1 lifetime motorbike liscense. Lynn and her staff walked me through the whole process. They are very professional, friendly and accommodating to your schedule. Would 100% recommend to anybody. Thanks Lynn Visa."

Dirk Myburgh


We work to make a living, but in order to work you’ll likely need to attain a work permit. That’s another service that we offer at Lynn Visa so that you can start earning a living.


"I have been living in Hoi An Vietnam since early 2015. I found Lynn Visa to be very helpful and supportive in the complete Visa Application Process. Her attention to detail & clear communication with all related authorities on behalf of the applicants makes for a stress free & rewarding experience ! l personally always recommend Lynn Visa to my Fellow Expats & to anyone who asks about obtaining a Tourist or Business Visa along with Motorbike & Car License's. Lynn Visa in Da Nang is professional and trustworthy!"

Christopher Dun


Need to find a home or office in central Vietnam? That’s another area where Lynn Visa can assist. We’re well connected with the real estate market and can put you in the home or office that you want and need.
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