November 9 Updates

Good morning. It seems that the winter is in the air these days. Hope that you will stay warm. Remember safety principles when travelling in the country during the rain.
While nCovid is still a problem in many countries, Vietnam is a safe a place. That is, I guess one of the reasons to keep you with Vietnam. Please enjoy it while you can.
Tourist visa may be not the best but it is good to keep you here until the border is ready to receive you in. Therefore extension for this tourist is still going on and it is going low on price now. Trust me, Lynn Visa is offering you the best price. Check it, feel it and let others know.
So people who have a need to enter Vietnam this time, could come. They are in quarantine now and will be enjoying Vietnam. You can experience the same. Shoot me an email and we can discuss steps.
You can change your visa to business visas or spouse visa without having any problem. Ask your visa agents a correct question, you will be guided through. Lynn Visa is here for such a question, too.
Enjoy! Vietnam loves you. I love you all.

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