November 17 Update

Good morning!
✝The sun comes up. A new day is dawning. It is time to sing a song of LOVE. Because LOVE will never fail. Because LOVE will bring you from victory to victory. Let us celebrate LOVE everyday in our lives.
✝️3 month extension for tourist visa first appeared fearlessly. Then it suddenly disappeared. Then it comes again. This time it comes quietly and shyly. It is like a beautiful woman: You can dream of but she is too beautiful to hold for a second.
So the 3 month extension is back again but it is very expensive. If you do one month at a time and the total cost of 3 month extension fee is still a lot less cheaper than the cost of 3 month extension at a time. The only benefit of the 3 month extension is the convenience. So the choice is yours.
✝️ Those who came in March with tourist visa just enjoy it and skip this post. It does not bother you at all.
Have a great day!

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